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Quickie review. (no not like that)

So  I went to an event put on by Jessica Cunningham aka Theprodigalfox on Tuesday in Manchester and had a great time. I met one of the brands and  I said I'd do a review on a product.  Thea wore it to bed last night 06/02/2019 and it is a sleepsuit and zips alllll the way down.  The page is Zippy.up and their site and the site is  It's a little big for Thea still but she looks adorable in it and its tres tres soft. Give them a visit and a follow on social. To summarise, its really soft, looks really cute and I like it alot and so does wifey. Cheers

The Cliché of the Hapless Dad - And Why It Needs To Die - MOTHEROFSNOT Guest post

The cliché of the hapless dad is everywhere. Turn on your TV and you’ll see ad after ad featuring a domestic product that’s so easy to use ‘even a dad could figure it out’. Wait, what? Even a dad? Aren’t dads the men running million dollar corporations? Aren't the dads the ones running entire countries? Aren’t the dads earning a living every day as engineers and brain surgeons and special unit bomb diffusers? But somehow we keep seeing this cliché of the useless dad, flummoxed at the concept of changing a nappy. It remains and repeats, or should I say, is regurgitated. And frankly, it gives us all a bad taste in our mouths. I call fake news on this hapless dad cliche, and here are 5 reasons why it needs to go ahead and die... There are a lot of men. Studies show maybe even up to 50% of humans may be men these days. It’s true, I did the research. It just doesn’t make sense to assume all men are this bumbling figure that advertising agencies rely on so much. 1. There’s a old sa