Travelling with kids.

I wanna talk about a country I really love and want to visit more and more.

I have been to a few Greek islands but one place in particular I want to visit ASAP is Santorini! Have you seen it?? OMG it’s fucking beautiful. The blue domes. Right, you know it??

I’ve been to Rhodes as a kid and I have some really great memories of it. Especially buying Coca Cola from a guy called Nico. Also riding donkeys and our villa that I used to eat my cereal on top of the bed (four poster bed) it had a little roof. Loved it.

I want to travel with the kids but I have the fear of them acting up on the plane or whatever. It’s alright with Alfie as he’s 8 now so gets it but Rowan will be 3 soon and Thea only 1.  I have the fear of them crying all the way and the stares and huffs and puffs from people as I know I would get embarrassed but also aggressive. Might have to leave it a few years before we take them but I am keen to travel.

I bet you thought this was gonna be hints and tips on how to deal with your kids travelling didnt you??? WRONG. I know fuck all.  Just give them sweets, quietly tell them to shut the fuck up, let them play on ipads or tablets, literally relent to their every whim in order to make it through I say.

What do you guys do?? I need to speak to someone with ACTUAL experience of these things, the brave souls who have done this.

Let me know. Also if you need me let me know.



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