The Fear, The Anxiety

I was very tired yesterday so couldn't be arsed writing a blog in all honesty. Did you check out the Guest Post btw? I think Ben did a great job.

Today I want to talk about The Fear. The fear that comes along with Anxiety.  Let me ask you, do you ever have those days were you're feeling fine. everything is tickety boo and then all of a sudden, you get dread. Like, out of no where you start thinking something horrible is going to happen.  You can't put your finger on it but your heart beats faster, you worry over everything and you get hot and go into a fight or flight mode.

That's anxiety for me, I feel my hearty pounding and just wanna run. Why does your body do this??? it makes no sense, survival instinct maybe? but where there is no need to survive. You're just sat on your fucking couch man.

How do you combat it? I try and calm down. Try, sometimes fail.  I breath through it. count to 10 slowly, breath, hold it, blow it all out.

Its a tough old world but you can manage it.

If you need anything let me know and thanks for reading.


  1. I can get rid of my depression with the tablets but the anxiety will never completely bugger off .I've got a lid on it right now. I had CBT earlier in the year which really helped me manage it. You're right it's ridiculous via it happens so randomly.

    1. i know! come on body! lets not fear going to the shops


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