Sick story

A funny story for you.  Well I think it's funny. You might not but fuck it.

So many for you know Thea does not sleep in her bed anymore.  We have a sleepyhead and myhummy all sorts but those things arent the issue.  She has a cough that makes her sick, unless we can sit her up immediately she is sick. Reflux kinda thing.

The other night I was up with her til pretty late 11ish and she had been asleep for a bit. So that's when I put her to bed.  She had her little choking cough but nothing so bad.

Maybe 20 mins later I just get a 1 word text from Iz. HELP. So I thought fuck, what is going on.  I ran upstairs and Thea has been sick ALL over our bed.  I mean, proper all over.  What was worse was there were long pieces of spaghetti all over. Eww fucking disgusting.  As I am the resident sick cleanerupperer as Iz does not deal well with vomit it was my task to scrape the long as pieces of spaghetti off them.

Just imagine it. LONG STRINGS OF SPAGHETTI being peeled off the covers. You're welcome for the image.

Okay. thats it. PEACE


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