Random advice

Hey guys,

Firstly thanks for those who consistently read the blog and give me feedback. you know who you are.

I've got some random pieces of crappy (maybe not) advice to give. Hopefully it'll help you in 2019.

1. Don't order takeaway chips delivered. They NEVER taste good as the condensation on the journey make them into limp little dicks and NO ONE likes a limp dick, am I right ladies?? ;-)

2. Buy more long socks.  I've worn long socks for the past two days and its really its been a revelation. So warm, so comfy.  Obviously for the winter months.

3. Papa Johns pizza is better than Dominoes. Dont @ me on this one. its better, order that instead if you can.

4. Don't be a dick. Like, this should be a simple one.  Don't troll people, if someone upsets you on the internet just fucking move on. Instagram doesn't matter, Facebook doesn't matter. It all doesn't matter. Real life matters.

5. Help your friends businesses. These are you friends we're talking about, don't scoff at their ideas, buy their shit, support them. Starting a business is scary stuff.

6. Wear what you like.  Some people do NOT like people being "different" or "alternative" but fuck em, be your best self.

7. Tell your kids you love them.  That's obvious.

I think i'll leave it at that. 7 is enough for now.  As always if you need me let me know.  DM's welcome.


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