Mental health

I see ALOT of this on social media nowadays. And do you know what I think about it.  FUCKING BRILLIANT.

I have sometimes had issues in speaking about my feelings, fears of getting judged or ridiculed.  It's difficult to put yourself out there.

There's the toxic masculinity populous out there that think that talking about your feelings makes you less of a man, or a pussy, or a fucking whinger or weak.  Fuck them. There is a reason suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45.  We don't TALK, we don't talk to each other. I have 2 friends that I KNOW for 100% that I could tell anything to and they would listen, be receptive, open and honest.  Thats all you need.  You can be all laddy laddy and blokey blokey but dont fear your feelings, have that one person you can speak to.

There's a lady on instagram called the_island_mama_life and she did a mini series on her gram called "finding your people".  I urge you to do the same, if you're getting peer pressure and you're turning into someone you're not or you feel you have to change to fit in or please them, then these are not the right people for you.  Your "people" will not force you to be anyone you're not, they will accept you for who you are, your weird little quirky self, they will accept every facet of you.  Find your people and be your authentic self.  Thats some good advice actually (if I do say so myself). Side note, its annoying how this site doesn't capitalise i when I'm typing, like word does. It also doesn't put capitals after a full stop either, first world problem I know.

Sorry, I digress. Speak up, talk about your feelings (male or female) and don't suffer in silence.

Thanks for reading you sexy buggar, I'm here for you if you need me.

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