I've been inspired

Mother of Daughters, aka big time parent blogger and better half of Father of Daughters did a really good piece on her stories last week on the vagina.  It all stemmed from someone doing the #10yearchallenge showing a vagina, one picture had a "neat" vagina with the labia majora small and tucked in and then the 10 years later presumably after a few kids the labia majora had grown and was now making the vagina look "unclean" or "damaged".  But as we all hopefully know this is not how vaginas work.  Who am I to talk about vaginas I hear you ask?? Well its human anatomy and it's good to be educated right??

My blog post is not going to be exclusively about vaginas.  I want to talk about the Penis. And by that I mean telling you what the ACTUAL parts are. Only gonna be short... not the penis. The blog.

So see the attached image.

There's a few things missing on the diagram that aren't pointed out.  But yes it's not called a Bell End, that's actually your gland penis. What holds your penis? That's your scrotum buddy. Check out how long that Urethra is compare to a womans, hence why we don't get Cystitis as much.

These are the main parts of the penis and I will use these words (not all of them, Corpus Spongiosum??? how am I gonna drop that in convo with my boys???) like foreskin, scrotum, penis testicles. Because as I've said before I think it's important for the kids to own their bodies and not be ashamed and I believe this is how it's done.

Thats the end.

Peace out.


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