How to support your loved one

Today has been an emotional day. So I thought I'd do a quick blog post on how to support your loved ones.  Be it friends or family or all those in between.

1. Be there, like not just in body, but in mind. Try and understand what they are going through, use empathy.
2. Listen. You need to listen to what they're saying and not saying. Do they need space? Do they want a hug? Do they need some "tough love" (this doesn't work on everyone so know your person)
3. Love them. They might be going through some tough shit that you've never experienced and they need that shoulder to cry on.
4. Be quiet.  This is different to listening.  You loved one might just want to know you're in the room with them, quietly listening to music, reading or just scrolling through your phone.
5. Be a confidant. If they are sharing some intimate or upsetting information KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Friends, and I mean REAL friends, will never gossip about your, tell people your secrets or betray your trust.

Those are the key things you need (in my opinion) to be a good support to your friends or family. Be good to those who matter most. They're rare things.


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