Guest blog posts

You'll be happy to learn that I am better rested today and feeling a bit better, had lots of nice fresh air and a couple of beers and a nice pub lunch. Can't go wrong with a pub lunch and a beer.

Anyway onto the subject I want to cover today.  That of Guest Blogs. I have been approached a few times by different people offering to guest blog on this blog.  I'm not really sure what this blog is yet and have literally been spewing out my verbal garbage <----read in french accent, and my feelings and such like.  If you've read it you understand I generally just ramble on, it helps getting the thoughts out on my head and onto the "paper" so to speak.  So yeah I've been asked if people can guest on my blog.  Why the fuck not?? sounds like a grand idea to me.

I will take all comers, as long as you're writing about something interesting and its not something I consider boring liiiike garden hose maintenance or great wrenches that changed the world, then I'm all for it.

So tell me, do you wanna guest blog? Do you have something interesting to talk about? do you want to pay me wads of cash? will you strip?? ignore the last two. unless.... you dont wanna ;-) ;-)

Seriously, if you wanna put something together give me the brief and I'll consider it.

All the best and if you need me let me know, my DM's are always open for you bloody beautiful bunch.


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