Greenlands Farm review

This is going to be a bit of a different blog than usual as I slept well again and fancy doing something different. I’m going to do a review.

I’m going to review somewhere where we go quite often. Probably been about 20 times. It’s called Greenland’s Farm Village in Milnthorpe which is north from us on the M6 junction 35. I’m not being paid FYI.

So yeah, firstly the car park is actually huge: which I like, there is nothing worse than places with small car parks.

I took all three kids today which is the first time I have taken them all by myself. It was half price entry today too so that was good. When you go in the animals are pretty much just out, like they let the pigs walk around, the Pygmy goats are just walking round and are very cute and the Emu is just around.

There is donkey rides too, which we don’t do but they’re there. They will have lambs soon too and that’s always fun to go and see them as you get to feed them and who doesn’t like baby lambs.

They have a cool little sand pit as well as a covered slide and climbing part. The slide is good as it’s a slippery slide and the kids fly down it which is always funny to see In my opinion.

Oh you can hold the snakes! I love snakes and bearded dragon too. So much you can do, so many things you can interactive with.

I like the cafe too as prices are okay and it’s nice to sit out the back. As there quite a lot of space. They also have crazy golf and a bit where you can buy plants and wood work stuff, some of that is decent to as there’s the gruffalo some bear stuff and others. Now I think of it there are quite a few businesses around the village, build a bear, sure there’s a jewellers, farm shop and some others. Sorry I can’t name them all.

The one thing I would like them to do something with is the paddocks part, they have a massive bit of lands that the animals are in but once you get there there’s nothing really there. Nothing really to do. I don’t have any suggestions what could be there but it just feels... empty.  Maybe a big play park? With a ropey or something.

But yeah if you’re up north and fancy a good day out then junction 35 of M6. It’s really easy to find. Also if I like you I might even meet you there and we can hang out. Lol. Okay maybe not, don’t wanna ruin your day.

Any questions let me know guys, I love hearing from you. And if you’re having issues hit me up. Some pictures for you too.


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