Gillette, the best a man can get??

So here in my initial thoughts…. I like it. I may be in the minority which I am fine about.  But for me the advert represents a change of direction in society. The #metoo movement has brought about some great changes, no more will the elite with the power be able to abuse it. I am the dad that would stop a fight of the kids, I would get involved if I saw a kid being chased and bullied and I would step in if I saw a woman being called and groped.

Has anyone else that twitter thread about being kicked in the balls?? It perfectly describes what our women go through.  Our ladies have to put up with A LOT of shit. A LOT, I am actually fearful for the world my daughter might grow up in to.  It shouldn’t be this way, women should be able to go on a night out without being groped, without fear, without being harassed, without being fondled, without being spiked, without being raped.  Like Terry Crews says, men need to hold other men accountable.

I’ve never been one to wolf whistle or grab women to get their attention. I have however, been guilty groping women in my younger days, pissed up, you think its okay. It’s not. I wouldn’t dream of it now.

Feminism has been brought into the argument and that its attacking men. Could it be perceived as such? Yeah, it could, some people will be triggered by it. But Feminism isn’t a bad thing, is it so wrong to treat women as equals?? They surely are right? The answer is yes btw.

I don’t now about you but women run in my family, my mum is one, my nanna was one, my sisters are them and my wife and daughter are BOTH women.  Infact, I think in every generation of my family there has been women…… you see where I am going with this right?

The advert might not have been what we wanted to tell us that things are changing but its started the conversation.  Also is it so difficult to not be a dick?? Not really.

Okay that’s enough for the time being, feel free to challenge my views.  As always though, if you need support. DM me. Thanks loves.


  1. I've just watched it and I'm not getting the uproar over it. They address the root causes of why some blokes act they way they do (constantly subjected to scantily clad women, the justification of aggression with "boys will be boys") and they're saying nope, that all stops here. I think it's a positive movement!

    1. me too, I have never believed the credo "boys will be boys". I want women to be safe. It's not so hard to be nice to them and respectful.


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