Fun things I do with my kids

I’m gonna try and keep this simple and quite short. Try..

I love playing with my kids and I love taking them out but probably my favourite thing to do with them, especially the boys, as they can walk. Is just walking to the local park and watching them play and playing chasing or helping them up and down the slides and also push them on the swings. What’s better than that? Surely nothing.

Loads of other things we do too, love going to the arcade and playing the 2p machines and computer games, love going swimming and down the big water slides. Love a day out to the zoo or to a farm or to the Lake District but nothing beats... nothing beats our playing in the parks. And guess what. It’s freeee.

I recently bought a book by the Commando Dad and this is full of fun things to do with your kids in the outdoors. Building dens and all that good stuff. You can get it on amazon. I’m sure Neil (commando dad) would appreciate it too.

I’ll start putting in some reviews of places we’ve been and recommendations. But also if you’ve been somewhere you really loved with the kids let me know and you can put a review up here.

Cheers for reading you beaut. OH, if you see ads on the page too, click on them, cause that'll mean I might start earning some money from this and kids and wives are expensive so CLICKY CLICK CLICK ;-)


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