Feeding kids

You may or may not have seen from my stories today on Instagram that my kids will eat all day every day. Like bottomless pits. if you've missed it, tough luck suckers.

However, the food has to be stuff THEY like. Crisps, chocolate, bananas, bread, biscuits. All the stuff they're not supposed to have loads of but want in gargantuan portions.  They eat breakfast, then want a snack, then want an apple and so on and so on.  But what happens when I make them something that it nutritious and everything that a growing body needs????? they will scoff at me like I have served a steam hot pile of shit in from of them (apart from Thea who will literally eat anything, not shit though, I hasten to add).

If its something that is just off their tastes, they will gag, they will spit it out, they will feign an injury, broken back, herniated disc, ruptured bowel ya know, the usual. Why don't the eat what they're given?? I know why. It because there aren't enough ritual beatings in the house.  I'm going to start bringing back some medieval tortures into the house.  The Iron Maiden is an OBVIOUS choice.

Let me know what you would do in these situations.

Peace out x


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