I love Dadscomm.

I love the chat we have, it's gone quiet recently but still a great bunch of guys.  I love the support it brings.

I want it to grow, I want to help charities, I want to help people in need.  It's all about putting it in place.  That's where its difficult sometimes. Having the time to email these people and places to try and organise things.  I have my own account on Instagram (daddyfootandco) which I am trying to grow more profitable as well as grow Dadscomm too.

It's tough but I reckon I can do it.  With a bit of support, maybe a bit of luck too??

What would you want to see from a support page like that? More support to charities? If you're a dad do you need support and want to come in to the chat? Or do you know someone who is not okay who could do with the support??

I know its not a unique idea I have had but I think it's one of the best dad pages out there.  It used to be three of us running it now its down to little old me.

Let me know.


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