Dads night out

Last night I actually went out and had a GREAT time.  I was invited to a 30th at a social club, which are always good, I love social clubs. I saw some old work friends of mine from back in 2012 and talked to some more people that I knew from back in the day as well as my family.

Everyone in Preston pretty much knows everyone else somehow, only 2 degrees of separation rather than 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon (if you know, you know).

I drank beer, was the first at the buffet (standard) and was NOT ready to go home at 12am. NO NO NO NO. Went into town and danced at a place called the 12 Tellers, which closed at 2am, was I ready to go home? NO NO NO. It was a short journey next door to Pop World where I spent the last few hours with my former work colleague and friend.  If you don't know Pop World mainly plays cheesy hits and old SClub 7 songs as well as Steps 5679. You all know the dance.....

At 4am it was time to go! jumped in a taxi pissed up and got home.  I should have got takeaway, regret not getting it but I made myself a sandwich from the tiger bread and some ham and then PASSED out at 5am. Dealing with children with a hangover (me, not them) is one of those rare treats where you have to POWER through.  I powered through but taking Joanna Johnson advice. EAT THROUGH THE HANGOVER. thats great advice. Do that next time. We also danced to alot and I mean ALOT of queen and that helps too.

Anyway, thats a enough of that. If you want a night out let me know! FYI you must enjoy dancing and cannot be a shrinking violet.


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