All jumbled up

Do you have just get all muddled up that you forget what you're doing??

I have loads of ideas for blog posts but then when I sit down on my laptop to do them they all just disappear into the ether of neverwhere.

I am writing this one so it'll jog my memory and also so I can look back and go "oh shit, yeah I want to do one on THAT topic, that topic etc etc".

Ok so more parenting ones. I've fairly experienced in the parenting space, maybe more funny stories as well as the horror stories too.

Talk about my early life, what I remember from the 1980's (some of you weren't even born then)

Talk about the 90's or what I remember of them.  I think, think some people who follow me might only have been born in 2000 or maybe even a couple after then.  Which is weird to me as I still think the year 2000 was like 5 years ago. Time flies.

Funny birthday stories.

Holidays I've been on.

What I want to do in the future.

More on mental health.

Instagram support.

Youtube support, this is help for me, i wanna start doing it but just need to start and might need pointers from those more experienced.

Dadscomm stuff.

Thats it for the time being I reckon.

Thanks for reading you bloody legends. Feel free to subscribed (dunno if you can do this) and leave comments (that normally helps).


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