Xmas-new year fuckety

This week has been a fucking weird one right??? What day is it? I’ve been having to use the majority of my brain power to work it what date and day it is!?!

Xmas day was a pretty good one for us went to my mums for dinner but then the following days? What they fuck. The daughter is still not sleeping in her room, I’ve hardly spoken to my wife at all. We’re like two ships passing in the night. No cuddles no nothing.

Feels kinda lonely to be honest. I just wish she’d sleep and things would go back to normal. Shit feels like, I dunno.

We did go out for a drive yesterday for ice cream and drove round the farms near us. As I’ve not been sleeping I’ve been eating a lot more. I want to stop but it gives me comfort. I've been feeling sick too, its not fun.

A bit of advice for you at this season. Start buying Xmas presents now.

I’ll leave you with that.


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