The Kids

As you may have read and seen already from my Instagram I have 3 kids. My big boy Alfie who is 8, RoRo who is 2 and Thea who is my baby at 9 months.

We don’t have Alfie as much as I would like, he’s such a good boy, really helps around the house. Will play with his brother and sister. Will give Thea her milk and does her bottles too. Wish we had him more.  I actually can’t believe how grown up he is, we can have a right good laugh and some of them are at my expense I know lol. He also offers to change nappies too! this morning he offered to change Thea's shitty nappy, but I couldn't let him as it was too messy and he doesn't want to go down that road. Lol.

Rowan has not had a great time of it my poor lad. He has a dairy, egg and nut allergy but at first we didn’t realised why what was happening to his skin was happening. He has a huge crusty face all over, it was like oatmeal. He was so itchy too. We’ve been in hospital a few times with Rowan getting infected eczema which meant a bout of steroids and also putting the thin in his hand or foot, the IV. He has a dermatologist which we see fairly regularly. Recently we’ve been worried that he is having absent seizures as he will stand still and when you try and talk to him he’s unresponsive even if you talk to him, click in front of his eyes or anything. Just likes he’s not there. He will then snap out of it like nothing has happened. A few scary times he has just been lying on the floor, saying his tummy hurts and will literally pass out and will run a temperature and then wake up, again, like nothing has happened. Had a few ambulance rides with him too which is never nice. But despite all this he is still a very clever and confident young man, I’m very proud of him.

Thea my darling daughter and youngest, when she was born she has to go back into hospital as she had caught an infection along with my wife, it was bloody touch and go briefly whether she would make it but with her being a huge baby 9lbs91/2oz (sorry wife) she was a fucking unit so made it through no worries. She is a littler darling too but already at 9 months she is giving me attitude. Can you believe that?? Obviously not the same as the other ones but she hates the word NO and will start crying her eyes out. She also has to be allowed to follow her brothers and do everything they’re doing, even though she’s incapable with not being able to talk properly yet.  Saying that she is attempting to walk already, earlier than both her brothers.

What about your kids? I'd like to know how many you have and ages and names.  I just love kids.  I especially love my nieces and nephew as I can give them back. haha

Feel free to check in with me if you like.


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