Lets talk about genitals

Weird title I know.

But this is something I believe in when it comes to my kids and that is OWNING their own bodies. By this I mean not using nonsense words for your genitals e.g. willy, winky, dinkle, front bottom, flower, foo foo and all the other fucking names for them. No offence to anyone who DOES use them, its just not for me.

We use the words PENIS and VAGINA at ours, the reason for this, as mentioned already is that I want the kids to own their own bodies and know that these words are not dirty words and that there is no shame about these parts of their bodies.  I believe this will make them more confident about talking about them as they get older if there are any issues with them.  Also I think its sensible to talk about this matters frankly and without embarrassment.  Especially when it comes to Thea growing up, with smear test etc.

I know grown adults who are ashamed to use the words penis and vagina.  Its something that's learned from ones parents I believe.  That your genitals are something dirty and naughty to talk about.  But theyre really not.

We instil in the children about owning their genitals and that people are not allowed to touch them unless, they are a doctor or nurse fixing a problem (bit like Rowan with his undescended testicle) and when changing a nappy. Good idea right?

Oh something else that we do with the kids as well is NOT force them to give anyone affection if they don't want to, even granny or aunties or uncles. We ask them if they want to give a hug and kiss, if they say no, then just leave it.  Again I believe this instils body confidence. Don't ask me why but I don't like giving affection to people when I don't want to, so why would the kids?

So yeah that's how I feel about that, oh I also know all the parts of the vagina too.  Believe it or not I had to tell my wife the parts, as in her house it was a dirty word and a dirty thing to talk about.  Let's give our kids the confidence they deserve and help them own their bodies.

Do you feel the same? Think I'm talking shit? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Love this topic so much!! As a blended family, don't know if you have the same issue, but unfortunately we don't all agree... We only have boys so we have agreed on willy... Which I can sort of handle! But I always refer to my vagina as that... However, his mum has a twinkie (which I think sounds more of a penis word IMHO- which always gives me my own little joke 😂) but anyway... I digress!! I come from a family who was very open, so probs helps!!

    1. See willy still doesn't sit right for me. reminds me of the Simpsons but I understand from a blended family perspective. Twinkie does sound like a word for penis. We're going to remain open here, spoke to my oldest son about puberty the other day too.


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