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So here I am, day two with a Blog site. I have only ever done it through Instagram.com/daddyfootandco but I guess having a blog, I can do my long form content. More writing down the stuff that comes to mind.

I've been running through my mind what I can talk about and write about and I have loads of ideas. It's just getting them all down onto "paper". I want to talk about my life as a dad but I also want to direct you to some good causes that I believe in.  As I do care for people and their well being, not just people but I love animals too.

For this post I'll talk about Alfie my first born and eldest child.  He was 8 about a month ago and the day he was born was one of the top 3 moments of my entire life.  He was 8lbs7oz of awesomeness.  He was born eeeearly in the morning 2.12am and it was a cold winters day when we brought him home.  As I have eluded to and you've probably worked out, me and his mum split. I don't want to go into that part of my life right now but I'm thankful that relationship did not continue. Oh boy am I better for it.

As a baby he was just awesome to look after. I was 26 almost 27 when he was born and I was one of the first of my friend group to have kids. So naturally, if you don't know already, you lose friends when you have kids.  If you can't go out every weekend or go to the pub whenever you lose a fairly sizeable amount of friends.  But fuck it, having a baby is one of the most life changing events that can ever happen to you and it certainly changed me. I love just playing with him, chilling and watching him grow and develop.  He started walking at 10 months and that was crazy, such a tiny human walking around seemed impossible.

As he grew he developed asthma and that was pretty bad for awhile and he also kept getting ear infections, chest infections and got quite sick sometimes.  Finally worked out that all this was linked to his Tonsils.  There was one time that he was only 7 days between infections and that proved too much for doctors.  They don't just yank them out like they do in the doctors surgery or hospital willy nilly anymore.  This lead me onto a bit of a digression, but it is relevant I promise.  Anyone a fan of Roald Dahl?? Ever read "Boy; tales of childhood" there is a part in there where he went to see the doctor with his mum, the doctor had a red hot poker on the fire and told him to say ahhh, quick as a flash the doctor had his tonsils out and he was coughing them up. Can you imagine that? No pain relief or anything, this was the early 20th century though when life was a lot tougher and involved alot of pain.  Anyway, back onto my story, Alfie has his tonsils out and I had to watch him go under sedations, I can still remember his little face. It kinda haunts me.

He was also very sick one time with scarletina, which is a more severe form of scarlet fever as he was put into quarantine for 5 days.  That was tough man.

Since then hes had no major health scares, just normal stuff like chicken pox, colds. Just normal stuff and hes not 4"5 eats alot and is very funny. I'll get more into the separation stuff another time as for years it was just me and him against the world. Until I met my dear wife Elizabeth (she hates being called that)

Thats it for the time being, i'll do another one maybe tomorrow?? 12/12/2018 today so maybe i'll do one. Shit I don't know if anyone is even reading it but it feels good to write.  Not sure if you can subscribe on this Blogger thing but if you can then maybe try to?? Any questions just leave comments or slide into my Instagram DM's.

Cheers and BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER. (what film is that from eh??)


  1. Awesome post! Don't know what it is about the ramblings of a dad... Anyway... I had terrible asthma and was in and out of hospital till I was about 10! I remember pretty much being schooled in hospital! Great Post, looking forward to tomorrow x


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