It’s just clothes!!

This subject has bugged me for some time now. It’s kids clothes, specifically “boys and girls clothes” this winds me up. Walking through the aisles and seeing boys dinosaurs and robots etc and girls with unicorns and faeries.

So what if my son likes unicorns??? (he does) what if my daughter likes robots? (She does) why does it have to be separate???? Why can’t it be just “kids clothes” it used to be back in the day.

We let Rowan wear leggings and shiny wellies. I don’t have a flying fuck what people think. He looks cute and he likes it. There is no reason for the segregation in my opinion. Some of you might be thinking “if you let him wear girls clothes he might turn out gay!?!” don’t be so fucking ignorant. Also, nothing wrong with being gay. And it ain’t a choice. Ask yourself a question, when did you decide to be straight?

Back to clothes. I think if we let our children make their own decisions on how they want to dress they will be able to express themselves better in the future. Again, my opinion. I want to build strong, confident children who are not afraid of societies “norms”. Years ago pink was a masculine colour and blue was feminine. In some countries men walk round arm in arm for discussions and friendliness.

Let your kids grow to be strong with strong minds. First steps, let them express themselves.

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check out Rowans outfit of the day.


  1. Couldn’t agree more! My twins love trucks and dinosaurs... and also flowers and rainbows. You know why? Because theu’re Cool! Why would we keep half of the cool stuff away from our kids?

    1. exactly hazel. we're all for unicorn leggings here.


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