So, after some good feedback on a blog post a wrote for a page ( take a look if you like) I decided to try a bash at actual writing.

So for my introduction, my name is Craig aka Daddyfootandco on Instagram and Dad to 3 kids.  Eldest is Alfie who is 8 and then I've got my little ones Rowan who is 2 and Thea who is currently 8 1/2 months old.

Alfie was from a previous relationship and I separated from his mum 7 years ago. I met my wife Izzy in Manchester nearly 5 years ago and after alot of convincing she eventually went on a date with me and one thing led to another. Thankfully.  If you read the other blog post I go into a bit more detail. She didn't like me... in short.

I'm going to rant on this and just talk about shit I know.  Being a dad, taking care of my kiddies and getting through this Fatherhood adventure.  Also, I do swear so if you don't like that I would suggest you not follow this. Lol. Sorry, not sorry. Also enjoy the pic of Thea in her Xmas outfit.

Cheers big ears



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