Fucken sleep!!

Thea, my darling. This one is for you. I hope when you're an adult you read this when you have your own kids and understand how I feel.

YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING!!! last night you went to sleep nice and peacefully in your bed but about 10 o clock you cried like you'd see Freddy Kruger in your dream and didn't want to go back to the boiler room in your sleep (lols 80's horror reference) YES DADDY IS OLD SHUT UP.

You were then put in with your mum but again you refused to sleep and were bloody crawling around the bed?? get a grip, I would be so proud of you if you slept, but right now I am not your fan. So I brought you downstairs and you proceeded to crawl around the whole house, I'm sure you were up on the ceiling at some point too, but that could be me with my sleep induced mania.  You didn't go back to bed until 1.30AM. I am the living dead today, George Romero would cast me as Lead Zombie number 1 if he were still with us and making his awesome movies. And still after that you came into our bed again. I am not happy and I hope your kids do this to you too, just so you know my pain baby.

Now this is for the normal readers, sorry had to chastise my grown up daughter for a minute.  WTF is this sleep regression and separation anxiety man, bloody craziness.  The other two sleep relatively well nowadays, although RoRo has taken to sleeping under the bed cause the wind scares him. Gonna see about getting a better bed for him..

I know I've asked this before but TIPS FOR SLEEP REGRESSION. Also, if you want my kids, I'll send them to you, doesn't matter where you are in the world just send me your address and you can have them. I'll put some breathing holes in the box too and maybe send them with an apple and on their way they go to their new home.

Thanks for reading and if you want the kids send me the secret code word to use on Instagram which is (Zombie). That way I know you're serious as youve read the blog too.


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