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I’m thinking that if you’re a parent like me, you will have encountered this before “I don’t like it” when you given you wonderful joys of the earth, their food. EAT IT! You will shout, but will they listen?? No cause their “tummy’s hurt” or some other excuse. It’s like, for goodness sake you ate the same thing last week how can you not fucking like it now? You ate it all last time!!!!??? “Yeah but this has more onions in it” "it looks funny" "i only like it on Wednesday, told is Saturday". I could pull my hair out with frustration. blahhhhhhhhggg.

These kids, I think sometimes they want to starve to death. They want to so they can have something else to complain about. “Dad look I’ve starved to death and it’s all your fault”. No child it’s your fault for not eating the food! “But I wanted chocolate”. Suffice it to say, my children would prefer to live off pizza and crisps than eat some of the food that I make.

When I ask Alfie what he wants for tea tonight. Here are his go to foods.

Ham burger
Hot dog

When I ask Rowan

Chicken nuggets. That’s it.

When I ask Thea

She doesn’t say anything but she WILL eat anything. Current favourite child.

The current favourite child situation changes from day to day depending on who annoys me the least and who is asleep. They all tend to be my favourite when asleep.

To the eating. The looks I get when I plonk those plates on the table. They look like they could murder me and cry at the same time.

Of course everything for Rowan has to be accompanied by “SAUCE PLEASE” sauce sauce everywhere. Although he does have dietary requirements with his allergies and being a 2 year old doesn’t really like food touch or anything that has moisture in it. Or on it. Gravy for example. I know I’m not alone in this so feel free to drop me a line and tell me your stories. It comforts me to hear other people have the same issues. Lol.

As always thanks for reading and let me know if you need me.


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