Boys like dolls, girls like cars

Okay here is something else, following on from yesterday post, that pisses me off. It’s TOYS.

How many times have you heard, “oh no you can’t have that, that’s a dolly, get a boys toy”

Or this

“No that's for boys, it’s a car”

Unfortunately I have heard it a few times, from randoms mind you. No one I know. I heard it from a woman once when I was on Toys R Us (RIP) when he girls wanted some sort of action figure. Some kind of ninja or something. I almost stopped and said, "let them buy what they bloody want" but thought better of it. Not my place to call out a random stranger.

So fucking what if your son wants to play with dollies? What’s the issue with that? Omg will it make him gay? Or is he learning how to be a parent??? Think about that. Playing with dolls, pretending to be a daddy or a mummy. It’s just child’s play. They don’t know the norms of society unless it’s taught. Girls can have cars and actions figures. Thea’s favourite thing right now is playing with the Thor action figure. Can’t blame her though, it’s amazing.

It’s the toxic masculinity that annoys me, everyone had to fit into a box and I don’t agree with it.  Just let them play with TOYS. It has no bearing on how they will turn out. They have no sense of what boys and girls should or shouldn’t do. Let them build some independence and have freedom to make the choices of toys to play with. Again I’m rambling as I'm want to do.

Thanks for reading, if you need me let me know.


  1. My boys picked up a truck in the toy shop the other day and my mum said ‘see, it’s just a natural preference’. Two minutes later they both grabbed a pink sparkly make-up kit and I was never so proud! Kids just like to play! Let toy’s be toys, let kids be kids! 😀


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