Bit refreshed today. XMAS traditions

Eugh yesterday was a horrible day and I felt like shit aaaallllllll day.  Mainly because of the lack of sleep. Feeling a bit better today as I did manage to sleep last night, albeit on the couch but we have two living rooms so I have some comfy ass sofas to choose from.

Anyway, enough of me complaining. Let's talk Xmas traditions.

I've gotta say Xmas has been some of my BEST and WORST times of my life.  As a kid they were always wonderful as we'd see all our family and eat lovely food and I would get to play with my cousins and their new toys.  My cousins Joe and James once got a N64 and Playstation?? Game Cube?? can't quite remember the second console, anyway it was awesome that year.. Golden Eye anyone?? One of the best games ever? I bloody well think so, also Starfox "do a barrel role!" Please let me know if you understand these references. 

Back to Xmas's, as I said, some of the best and worst times of my life. Still on the younger years, we used to go to the children's hospital on Xmas day and give them chocolate as it was sad that they were in hospital on Xmas day so to bring them something nice.  As I grew into my teenage years I was allowed to drink and be merry and often had to take care of my mum (not in a bad way) because she had drunk too much, but it was due to merriment nothing else.

Then in my 20's I used to work in a nightclub on Xmas and New Year and would always work my arse off, get loads of tips and end up at a house party of some sort to carry on until the early hours. Class times. Definitely could not do that now. But following those Xmas I could never shake the sadness, I think there's something inherently sad about Xmas in New Year, don't ask me why.  Maybe its the culmination of the year, maybe the year didn't go quite how you expected? Not sure, I'll have to think on that and get back to you.

The worst Xmas I ever had was one were I didn't get to see Alfie at all as his mother had decided she wanted to take him to see his nanna in Chichester.  I don't know if you know the geography of England but Preston to Chichester can is a fucking long way.  That was the most lonely Xmas I ever had and the sorrow I felt in my heart was terrible, like a deep coldness in my core.

Now Xmas have brightened up again (apart from Xmas 2017 when I had a bad bad flu) with my two new additions Rowan and Thea (oh and the lady wife too). We do get to have Alfie but this co-parenting lark is difficult at the best of times.  We have a tradition now were we see Izzy's side of the family for "fake" Xmas as the inlaws live in Oxford and are rarely up on "actual xmas". We go to Izzy's uncles house and drink and eat and have fun playing games and let the kids run round and someone else will watch them for a bit.  Its really fun, we did it just today in fact and it was very fun.

Our Xmas tradition for Xmas eve is putting whisky out for Father Christmas (good idea right ;-)) with some cookies and carrot for the reindeer. The kids love it and I enjoy it too.

But do remember Xmas can be a lonely time for many people so remember to check in on your mates, neighbours and family whom you might not see all the time. If you need to talk just send me a DM on Instagram and I'll talk to you. I hate to think of you lonely on Xmas.

Please feel free to give me any feedback you like on this blog and I would also LOVE to hear about your traditions.  Please tell me in the comments.

All the best and speak tomorrow.


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