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So as I type this I am trying to upload a video onto Instagram but my phone keep erroring and its winding me up and PISSING ME OFF. Don't you just hate it when technology does not work for you?? I get particularly annoyed by it.  I shouldn't, but I do.

As I am nearly 35 I remember a world without the Internet and TV with more than 4 channels.. (geez I sound old). When we first got the internet FREESERVE massive, it was dial up and SLOW AS FUCK.  I remember the old dial up getting to 99 attempts and just giving up, like, fuck it, I can't connect to the internet today, try again tomorrow. As a 15 year old I NEEDED my chat rooms Fam!!!!!!!!!! SexxyGURL6969 will find someone else to chat to.

We upgraded to AOL in 2000 and I had Joanna Lumly telling me "you have mail" Thanks Joanna darling, I'll open my ONE email I get a day.  Imagine a world where you only get ONE email a day. Now I get about a billion each day, all offering me $$$ and sexy Russian women who are looking for me (saved in private folder) and ones that promise to make my penis grow to monstrous lengths (also saved in private folder)

Back to the chat rooms, I did actually make a really good friend at the time that I spoke to for about 2 years.  She was a girl who lived in New York called Adrienne and she was awesome, so awesome infact that I went to visit her and her family IN NEW YORK. In August 2001, it was so frickin cool man, I spent 3 weeks in a place called Troy in Albany. I went into New York with the family and had a great time at the Empire States Building, Twin Towers, Trump Building (booooo prick) and unfortunately a few weeks after I left those beautiful towers came down and forever changed the world.  That made me feel sick to my stomach, thankfully my friend and her family were okay but they knew people who werent so okay. The friendship kinda just drifted away but I do hold that time as a particular good memory of mine.  I was 17, travelled to New York by myself (very home alone 2 I know) and stopped with an American family I met from the internet, for 3 weeks.  I sound mad right? Just remember I'd spoken to them for YEARS beforehand, our mums and dads spoke to each other, they had health care for me ready so it was all good. But how brave was my mum letting her ickly Craigykins go to New York like that, respect mum.

Okay, I've calmed down now after the technology debacle. Best go and speak to that family of mine. Wish me luck!

Have you ever travelled abroad by yourself?? Keen to know if anyone has had a similar experience as me.


  1. Never... The thought of it at 17 would have scared the shit out of me. However, I would love to do it now... And not a cat in hells chance!!

  2. i'm quite shocked I did it myself looking back.


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