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Boys like dolls, girls like cars

Okay here is something else, following on from yesterday post, that pisses me off. It’s TOYS. How many times have you heard, “oh no you can’t have that, that’s a dolly, get a boys toy” Or this “No that's for boys, it’s a car” Unfortunately I have heard it a few times, from randoms mind you. No one I know. I heard it from a woman once when I was on Toys R Us (RIP) when he girls wanted some sort of action figure. Some kind of ninja or something. I almost stopped and said, "let them buy what they bloody want" but thought better of it. Not my place to call out a random stranger. So fucking what if your son wants to play with dollies? What’s the issue with that? Omg will it make him gay? Or is he learning how to be a parent??? Think about that. Playing with dolls, pretending to be a daddy or a mummy. It’s just child’s play. They don’t know the norms of society unless it’s taught. Girls can have cars and actions figures. Thea’s favourite thing right now is playing wit

It’s just clothes!!

This subject has bugged me for some time now. It’s kids clothes, specifically “boys and girls clothes” this winds me up. Walking through the aisles and seeing boys dinosaurs and robots etc and girls with unicorns and faeries. So what if my son likes unicorns??? (he does) what if my daughter likes robots? (She does) why does it have to be separate???? Why can’t it be just “kids clothes” it used to be back in the day. We let Rowan wear leggings and shiny wellies. I don’t have a flying fuck what people think. He looks cute and he likes it. There is no reason for the segregation in my opinion. Some of you might be thinking “if you let him wear girls clothes he might turn out gay!?!” don’t be so fucking ignorant. Also, nothing wrong with being gay. And it ain’t a choice. Ask yourself a question, when did you decide to be straight? Back to clothes. I think if we let our children make their own decisions on how they want to dress they will be able to express themselves better in the fut

Xmas-new year fuckety

This week has been a fucking weird one right??? What day is it? I’ve been having to use the majority of my brain power to work it what date and day it is!?! Xmas day was a pretty good one for us went to my mums for dinner but then the following days? What they fuck. The daughter is still not sleeping in her room, I’ve hardly spoken to my wife at all. We’re like two ships passing in the night. No cuddles no nothing. Feels kinda lonely to be honest. I just wish she’d sleep and things would go back to normal. Shit feels like, I dunno. We did go out for a drive yesterday for ice cream and drove round the farms near us. As I’ve not been sleeping I’ve been eating a lot more. I want to stop but it gives me comfort. I've been feeling sick too, its not fun. A bit of advice for you at this season. Start buying Xmas presents now. I’ll leave you with that.

Holidays are over

Phew, we made it out the other side guys. That was intense, but we made it. What did you get? I got some awesome mugs, no joke, I love mugs though. Some cool pop culture T-shirt’s in the right size (XL)? Computer games oh and a BIRD HOUSE. I’ve not gone into this properly yet but I love birds. I know what you’re thinking “the feather kind?” And yes. But also the other type too 😉 lol. I feel like I survived that holidays but it’s still a sad and difficult time. Nanna died two years again and we lost my grandad six months ago today. I miss my grandparents a lot. They were so cool and spawned my whole family. They met totally out of chance, if it weren’t for a fortuitous coin toss I may not be here. Back in the 50’s my grandad was out in Blackpool with his mates and were either going to go to Winter Gardens or Tower Ball room to go dancing. They flipped a coin. Went to tower ball room. And that was the night he met my Nanna. How cool is that? The lives of dozens of us (my family is l

Xmas eve

So guys we’ve made it to another Xmas. You’ve done it, good job. I hope you all have a great time with the ones you love.  The kids will not always remember the presents but they will remember the fun. If you’re not having a good or pleasant time, you’ll be fine. This is tough and I understand how you feel. You are not alone, take care of yourself. Think about all the good stuff that has happened to you this year. Bad times are only temporary and the good times will come back to you. I promise. Feel free to message me and we can talk it through. Only a short one today for you babes. Remember, keep in touch.

Eating, babies

I’m thinking that if you’re a parent like me, you will have encountered this before “I don’t like it” when you given you wonderful joys of the earth, their food. EAT IT! You will shout, but will they listen?? No cause their “tummy’s hurt” or some other excuse. It’s like, for goodness sake you ate the same thing last week how can you not fucking like it now? You ate it all last time!!!!??? “Yeah but this has more onions in it” "it looks funny" "i only like it on Wednesday, told is Saturday". I could pull my hair out with frustration. blahhhhhhhhggg. These kids, I think sometimes they want to starve to death. They want to so they can have something else to complain about. “Dad look I’ve starved to death and it’s all your fault”. No child it’s your fault for not eating the food! “But I wanted chocolate”. Suffice it to say, my children would prefer to live off pizza and crisps than eat some of the food that I make. When I ask Alfie what he wants for tea tonight. Her

Sick and shit

Today I want to talk about sick and shit. Lol. I’m really hoping these key words don’t pick up the scat weirdos. Guys if you came her for scat porn I’m sorry to disappoint you that’s not what this one is about. Haha. Back to it, so, the nappies, the vomit. How do I even begin. If you’re a parent like me you would have undoubtedly experienced the nightmare nappies. The ones where the shit reaches to the back of the child’s head (how is that even fucking possible?!?!?). It’s seems to defy all logic and gravity. The ones where you know the clothes are unable to be saved and you have to throw the whole nuclear waste away.   In their hair!!?! How the fuck!!!! This is happens loads of times with all of my kids, the memories are too far away to remember specifics with Alfie but they are fresh as a bloody daisy with my dear Thea  and also Rowan too. My children constantly surprise me with the amount of body fluids they hold. As we speak my daughter is asleep on me as Izzy has been up with

The Kids

As you may have read and seen already from my Instagram I have 3 kids. My big boy Alfie who is 8, RoRo who is 2 and Thea who is my baby at 9 months. We don’t have Alfie as much as I would like, he’s such a good boy, really helps around the house. Will play with his brother and sister. Will give Thea her milk and does her bottles too. Wish we had him more.  I actually can’t believe how grown up he is, we can have a right good laugh and some of them are at my expense I know lol. He also offers to change nappies too! this morning he offered to change Thea's shitty nappy, but I couldn't let him as it was too messy and he doesn't want to go down that road. Lol. Rowan has not had a great time of it my poor lad. He has a dairy, egg and nut allergy but at first we didn’t realised why what was happening to his skin was happening. He has a huge crusty face all over, it was like oatmeal. He was so itchy too. We’ve been in hospital a few times with Rowan getting infected eczema whi

Estranged dad

This is something that I don’t go into a lot but I don’t actually see my dad, not just me, my sisters too. It’s kinda weird. I’ve not seen him for 7 years. Well, I have seen him, at a distance at the petrol station a couple of times. He really fucks me off, he has only seen Alfie until his first birthday and hasn’t met any of my other children or my nieces and nephew. HIS grandchildren. It’s like, does he not even fucking care???? I know what he thinks, he thinks somehow he is in the right and that if we want to see him we will need to go and apologise to him. He was always like that. I remember our relationship being fraught, I remember not quite liking him as he had a bad temper and I was scared of him and I was kinda happy when my mum and dad split up. He also had some very suspect views on black and Asian people, the P word was used in our house.  I used it in a story once  when I was in primary school as I didn’t realise it was a racist word, I said “I went to the paki shop” a


This is quite a difficult subject as I’ve had a bit of a rough time of it. When I first split with Alfie’s mum things were amicable, actually pretty nice, used to spend his birthday today. We’d get each other birthday presents and lots of nice stuff, I know Alfie liked it. But that was not going to last, for obvious reasons. She moved on pretty fast, as she tends to do, which I was fine with but when I got a girlfriend everything changed. I was allegedly suddenly more bothered about my time with my girlfriend (I wasn’t, Alfie always came first). There were all these rules, he’s not allowed to meet her until this and that, can’t call her mummy etc etc, all the while she was off someone else. Weird double standards. Suffice to say the presents stopped, the time together stopped, seeing him on Fathers Day, stopped. It’s like, what’s it like?? Err like she had to be controlling of everything that Alfie does to affect me. Things got worse when I married Izzy. This was the last straw i

Bad Christmas’s

I swear I am a positive person. As I’ve said before, this time of year can really get me down. Two years ago we lost my Nanna on New Year’s Day and she was in hospital for a few weeks before she left us. That has taken its toll on me as I loved my Nanna. She was always so kind. Last year I was totally fucked up by flu, like actual flu, not "man flu" ACTUAL flu, like in bed for two weeks on antibiotics flu.  I couldn't be with my children, my wife was upset as I couldn't take part and I was mad with myself for being so ill. I am a positive person and try to see the best in all situations. However, I do have a realistic view of the world and am not naive, people will let you down, not everything is going to go your way and fucking shit happens man. There’s an expectation that this time of year is going to be perfect and you’re going to have a great time but the reality of this is very different. I dunno man, maybe I’m just not in a great place right now. Maybe once

Mental health

I am a huge advocate for mental health and talking about your feelings. Part of the reason I created Dadscomm and the whatsapp chat was to connect dads around the world to have a safe place to chat and open up about their feelings and not be judged. Good place to make new friends, there’s been a few people come and go, couple of dickheads with agendas  not a kin to the spirit of the group but thankfully they left. This is a story for another time so we’ll leave it at that. Anyway back to mental health, I want people (especially men) to open up. Do I always take my own advice? I do not. I find it easier to give other people support and advice rather than take it myself. I know I’ve not had a hugely difficult life, parents split up when I was a teenager. This effected me more than I realised at the time but again, a story for another time. I think some of my issues started with my first “proper” girlfriend when I was 19. She was controlling, mentally abusive and physically abusive. S

Bit refreshed today. XMAS traditions

Eugh yesterday was a horrible day and I felt like shit aaaallllllll day.  Mainly because of the lack of sleep. Feeling a bit better today as I did manage to sleep last night, albeit on the couch but we have two living rooms so I have some comfy ass sofas to choose from. Anyway, enough of me complaining. Let's talk Xmas traditions. I've gotta say Xmas has been some of my BEST and WORST times of my life.  As a kid they were always wonderful as we'd see all our family and eat lovely food and I would get to play with my cousins and their new toys.  My cousins Joe and James once got a N64 and Playstation?? Game Cube?? can't quite remember the second console, anyway it was awesome that year.. Golden Eye anyone?? One of the best games ever? I bloody well think so, also Starfox "do a barrel role!" Please let me know if you understand these references.  Back to Xmas's, as I said, some of the best and worst times of my life. Still on the younger years, we used

Fucken sleep!!

Thea, my darling. This one is for you. I hope when you're an adult you read this when you have your own kids and understand how I feel. YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING!!! last night you went to sleep nice and peacefully in your bed but about 10 o clock you cried like you'd see Freddy Kruger in your dream and didn't want to go back to the boiler room in your sleep (lols 80's horror reference) YES DADDY IS OLD SHUT UP. You were then put in with your mum but again you refused to sleep and were bloody crawling around the bed?? get a grip, I would be so proud of you if you slept, but right now I am not your fan. So I brought you downstairs and you proceeded to crawl around the whole house, I'm sure you were up on the ceiling at some point too, but that could be me with my sleep induced mania.  You didn't go back to bed until 1.30AM. I am the living dead today, George Romero would cast me as Lead Zombie number 1 if he were still with us and making his awesome movies. And sti

Lets talk about genitals

Weird title I know. But this is something I believe in when it comes to my kids and that is OWNING their own bodies. By this I mean not using nonsense words for your genitals e.g. willy, winky, dinkle, front bottom, flower, foo foo and all the other fucking names for them. No offence to anyone who DOES use them, its just not for me. We use the words PENIS and VAGINA at ours, the reason for this, as mentioned already is that I want the kids to own their own bodies and know that these words are not dirty words and that there is no shame about these parts of their bodies.  I believe this will make them more confident about talking about them as they get older if there are any issues with them.  Also I think its sensible to talk about this matters frankly and without embarrassment.  Especially when it comes to Thea growing up, with smear test etc. I know grown adults who are ashamed to use the words penis and vagina.  Its something that's learned from ones parents I believe.  Tha

All the rage

So as I type this I am trying to upload a video onto Instagram but my phone keep erroring and its winding me up and PISSING ME OFF. Don't you just hate it when technology does not work for you?? I get particularly annoyed by it.  I shouldn't, but I do. As I am nearly 35 I remember a world without the Internet and TV with more than 4 channels.. (geez I sound old). When we first got the internet FREESERVE massive, it was dial up and SLOW AS FUCK.  I remember the old dial up getting to 99 attempts and just giving up, like, fuck it, I can't connect to the internet today, try again tomorrow. As a 15 year old I NEEDED my chat rooms Fam!!!!!!!!!! SexxyGURL6969 will find someone else to chat to. We upgraded to AOL in 2000 and I had Joanna Lumly telling me "you have mail" Thanks Joanna darling, I'll open my ONE email I get a day.  Imagine a world where you only get ONE email a day. Now I get about a billion each day, all offering me $$$ and sexy Russian women who a

Lets get this started

So here I am, day two with a Blog site. I have only ever done it through but I guess having a blog, I can do my long form content. More writing down the stuff that comes to mind. I've been running through my mind what I can talk about and write about and I have loads of ideas. It's just getting them all down onto "paper". I want to talk about my life as a dad but I also want to direct you to some good causes that I believe in.  As I do care for people and their well being, not just people but I love animals too. For this post I'll talk about Alfie my first born and eldest child.  He was 8 about a month ago and the day he was born was one of the top 3 moments of my entire life.  He was 8lbs7oz of awesomeness.  He was born eeeearly in the morning 2.12am and it was a cold winters day when we brought him home.  As I have eluded to and you've probably worked out, me and his mum split. I don't want to go into that part of my life


INTRODUCTION So, after some good feedback on a blog post a wrote for a page ( take a look if you like) I decided to try a bash at actual writing. So for my introduction, my name is Craig aka Daddyfootandco on Instagram and Dad to 3 kids.  Eldest is Alfie who is 8 and then I've got my little ones Rowan who is 2 and Thea who is currently 8 1/2 months old. Alfie was from a previous relationship and I separated from his mum 7 years ago. I met my wife Izzy in Manchester nearly 5 years ago and after alot of convincing she eventually went on a date with me and one thing led to another. Thankfully.  If you read the other blog post I go into a bit more detail. She didn't like me... in short. I'm going to rant on this and just talk about shit I know.  Being a dad, taking care of my kiddies and getting through this Fatherhood adventure.  Also, I do swear so if you don't like that I would suggest you not follow this.