Quickie review. (no not like that)

So  I went to an event put on by Jessica Cunningham aka Theprodigalfox on Tuesday in Manchester and had a great time. I met one of the brands and  I said I'd do a review on a product.  Thea wore it to bed last night 06/02/2019 and it is a sleepsuit and zips alllll the way down.  The page is Zippy.up and their site and the site is  It's a little big for Thea still but she looks adorable in it and its tres tres soft. Give them a visit and a follow on social.

To summarise, its really soft, looks really cute and I like it alot and so does wifey.


The Cliché of the Hapless Dad - And Why It Needs To Die - MOTHEROFSNOT Guest post

The cliché of the hapless dad is everywhere. Turn on your TV and you’ll see ad after ad featuring a domestic product that’s so easy to use ‘even a dad could figure it out’. Wait, what? Even a dad? Aren’t dads the men running million dollar corporations? Aren't the dads the ones running entire countries? Aren’t the dads earning a living every day as engineers and brain surgeons and special unit bomb diffusers? But somehow we keep seeing this cliché of the useless dad, flummoxed at the concept of changing a nappy. It remains and repeats, or should I say, is regurgitated. And frankly, it gives us all a bad taste in our mouths.

I call fake news on this hapless dad cliche, and here are 5 reasons why it needs to go ahead and die...
There are a lot of men. Studies show maybe even up to 50% of humans may be men these days. It’s true, I did the research. It just doesn’t make sense to assume all men are this bumbling figure that advertising agencies rely on so much.

1. There’s a old saying…

Sick story

A funny story for you.  Well I think it's funny. You might not but fuck it.

So many for you know Thea does not sleep in her bed anymore.  We have a sleepyhead and myhummy all sorts but those things arent the issue.  She has a cough that makes her sick, unless we can sit her up immediately she is sick. Reflux kinda thing.

The other night I was up with her til pretty late 11ish and she had been asleep for a bit. So that's when I put her to bed.  She had her little choking cough but nothing so bad.

Maybe 20 mins later I just get a 1 word text from Iz. HELP. So I thought fuck, what is going on.  I ran upstairs and Thea has been sick ALL over our bed.  I mean, proper all over.  What was worse was there were long pieces of spaghetti all over. Eww fucking disgusting.  As I am the resident sick cleanerupperer as Iz does not deal well with vomit it was my task to scrape the long as pieces of spaghetti off them.

Just imagine it. LONG STRINGS OF SPAGHETTI being peeled off the covers. Yo…

Breastfeeding. The Mummy Blog GUEST POST

Breastfeeding. Easy, right? Just put your boob in their mouth and jobs a goodun?
Not quite.

I knew from quite early on in my first pregnancy that I wanted to breastfeed. It’s what I had my heart set on and nothing was going to stop me. I read all about breastfeeding and how it works, what to expect and so on. I even went as far as not buying any bottles or formula in, I was so set on feeding him myself.

Fast forward a few months and the big day came.
My baby boy was here! He was born early at 37 weeks bang on, by just a few hours. And he was small for gestational age, at just 5lb.
We were incredibly lucky that he didn’t need any help or NICU time and we were allowed home the following day.

Our journey has been a rocky one, to say the very least.  He did not have his first feed until he was a few hours old as I was stuck being stitched up to high heaven. Our first hurdle was flat nipples. (Sorry boys if this is an uncomfortable read - but ya ladies like to overshare).  As he was s…

I've been inspired

Mother of Daughters, aka big time parent blogger and better half of Father of Daughters did a really good piece on her stories last week on the vagina.  It all stemmed from someone doing the #10yearchallenge showing a vagina, one picture had a "neat" vagina with the labia majora small and tucked in and then the 10 years later presumably after a few kids the labia majora had grown and was now making the vagina look "unclean" or "damaged".  But as we all hopefully know this is not how vaginas work.  Who am I to talk about vaginas I hear you ask?? Well its human anatomy and it's good to be educated right??

My blog post is not going to be exclusively about vaginas.  I want to talk about the Penis. And by that I mean telling you what the ACTUAL parts are. Only gonna be short... not the penis. The blog.

So see the attached image.

There's a few things missing on the diagram that aren't pointed out.  But yes it's not called a Bell End, that's…

How to support your loved one

Today has been an emotional day. So I thought I'd do a quick blog post on how to support your loved ones.  Be it friends or family or all those in between.

1. Be there, like not just in body, but in mind. Try and understand what they are going through, use empathy.
2. Listen. You need to listen to what they're saying and not saying. Do they need space? Do they want a hug? Do they need some "tough love" (this doesn't work on everyone so know your person)
3. Love them. They might be going through some tough shit that you've never experienced and they need that shoulder to cry on.
4. Be quiet.  This is different to listening.  You loved one might just want to know you're in the room with them, quietly listening to music, reading or just scrolling through your phone.
5. Be a confidant. If they are sharing some intimate or upsetting information KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Friends, and I mean REAL friends, will never gossip about your, tell people your secrets or bet…

Dads night out

Last night I actually went out and had a GREAT time.  I was invited to a 30th at a social club, which are always good, I love social clubs. I saw some old work friends of mine from back in 2012 and talked to some more people that I knew from back in the day as well as my family.

Everyone in Preston pretty much knows everyone else somehow, only 2 degrees of separation rather than 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon (if you know, you know).

I drank beer, was the first at the buffet (standard) and was NOT ready to go home at 12am. NO NO NO NO. Went into town and danced at a place called the 12 Tellers, which closed at 2am, was I ready to go home? NO NO NO. It was a short journey next door to Pop World where I spent the last few hours with my former work colleague and friend.  If you don't know Pop World mainly plays cheesy hits and old SClub 7 songs as well as Steps 5679. You all know the dance.....

At 4am it was time to go! jumped in a taxi pissed up and got home.  I should have got takeaway,…